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Advantages of Membership in the EMGEN Network


EMGEN membership brings together scientists from EMRO countries and all over the world. By signing up the membership, you become part of EMGEN and provide valuable encouragement and support in its activities. The members would enjoy the following benefits:
  • Sharing information, knowledge, experience distribution and technology transfer in order to meet common and regional health needs of member countries.
  • Collaborative research on Health Genomics and Biotechnology with other skilful scientists of Eastern Mediterranean Region, cooperation/ assistance to member states to promote equality of genetic services/ facilities within EMRO Region.
  • Collaborative workshops, which you can visit www.emgen.net for easy reference to the workshops have been sponsored and organized by EMGEN in order to improve quality of research and development to address priorities.
  • Development of relationships with other international members of network to take advantages of technology transfer through information distribution among our database.
  • Receipt of periodic newsletters regarding the news, training programs, articles and constructive interviews with related brilliant scientist of the Eastern Mediterranean countries on health genomics and biotechnology.
  • Receipt of paper abstracts to be presented before the division at each National Meeting of the network.
  • Receipt of reduced rates for publications sponsored by the network.
  • Receipt of a reduced rate for the Abstracts of Papers presented at a network sponsored meetings.
  • Discount in conferences and workshops attendance organized by EMGEN.
  • Priority in grant proposals.
  • Priority in participation as a partner in research program network, if any.
  • Scholarships for students, industrial negotiations, services.
  • Free subscription for our publications.
  • Membership in discussion groups.
  • On-line trainings and e-workshops.
  • Special discount for EMGEN programs like booth, advertisement, … .
  • Free membership of 10 people who have been introduced from the full members.
  • Acceptance of four free advertisements of full members for the newsletter (for one issue) and website (for one month period).
  • Take advantages of industrial set ups.
  • Help in registering intellectual property.
  • Facilitating commercialization of products.
  • Promotion of the research capacity building in genomics and biotechnology in the region.
  • Joining and governing and supervising the projects.
  • Promotion in the field of utilizing research results.

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