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2021-05-13 23:44
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Eastern Mediterranean Health Genomics and Biotechnology Network (EMGEN) was created in 2004 for representatives of selected centers of excellence in (health related) Molecular biology, Biotechnology & genomics in the Eastern Mediterranean Region by recommendation of WHO/EMRO efforts.

The secretariat has remained at the Pasteur Institute of so far. Prof. Ali Haeri was the first director for few months, then Prof. Soroush Sardari has managed the EMGEN secretariat as the general director from Sep. 2005 until present time.

By means of the official minutes of the Second EMGEN Steering Committee Election Meeting, the subject of staying the EMGEN secretariat in Iranafter 2010, was confirmed and signed by the EMGEN steering committee representatives and respected key persons.

Also, as the staying of EMGEN secretariat in Iran, the permanent retention of the general directorship of EMGEN by Prof. Soroush Sardari has been confirmed via this signed official minute.


To create and sustain value by beingrecognized as a player in the international biopharmaceutical, genomics andbiotechnological industry aiming at promoting health in the region.

- Sustainable development of health genomics and biotechnology throughfacilitation of high quality R&D training and sharing information, experience distribution and technology transfer in order to meet common andregional health needs of member countries


To inducecollaboration in production, training, Research & Development to be selfreliant in biotechnology and industries.

- To facilitate cooperation between wealthy and poor countries to upgradehealth standards .

- To promote regional common healthobjectives through R&D partnership and collaboration.
- To facilitatecapacity building in genomics and biotechnology through public awareness andpromotion, training and educational programs.
- To prioritize health relatedR&D in genomics and biotechnology .
- To support production of specific andnew products.
- To meet internationally recognized standards

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