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Maternal mental health amidst the COVID-19 pandemic Access to Link
Passive immunization: paradoxical and traditional method for new pandemic challenge COVID-19 Access to Link
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Forecast of an Emerging Urgency in Pakistan Access to Link
Impact of COVID-19 lockdown on routine immunization in Karachi, Pakistan Access to Link
COVID-19 associated pulmonary aspergillosis (CAPA) in patients admitted with severe COVID-19 pneumonia: an observational study from Pakistan. Access to Link
Novel SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19: origin, pathogenesis, genes and genetic variations, immune responses and phylogenetic analysis Access to Link
A quantitative and qualitative analysis of the COVID–19 pandemic model Access to Link
The role of asymptomatic class, quarantine and isolation in the transmission of COVID-19 Access to Link
Early detection and assessment of Covid-19 Access to Link
The use of Guedel airway for naso-orogastric tube insertion in patients with COVID-19. a way to minimize aerosol generation Access to Link
Covid-19: invisible, elusive and the advancing enemy Access to Link
Price reaction, volatility timing and funds’ performance during Covid-19 Access to Link
Novel SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19: origin, pathogenesis, genes and genetic variations, immune responses and phylogenetic analysis Access to Link
Computed tomography, deep learning and ultrasonography role in the diagnosis of COVID-19 pandemic lung infection Access to Link
Recent advances in molecular diagnosis curbing the COVID-19 Access to Link
Challenges amid COVID-19 times - review of the changing practices in a clinical chemistry laboratory from a developing country Access to Link
COVID-19: healthy environmental impact for public safety and menaces oil market Access to Link
Religious tourism and mass religious gatherings — the potential link in the spread of COVID-19. current perspective and future implications Access to Link
Using the Kalman filter with ARIMA for the COVID-19 pandemic dataset of Pakistan Access to Link
Impact of COVID-19 on surgical residency programs in Pakistan; a residents' perspective. Do programs need formal restructuring to adjust with the “new normal”? a cross-sectional survey study Access to Link
The effects of regional climatic condition on the spread of COVID-19 at global scale Access to Link
Design of a novel multi epitope-based vaccine for pandemic coronavirus disease (COVID-19) by vaccinomics and probable prevention strategy against avenging zoonotics Access to Link
 COVID-19, economic impact and child mortality: a global concern Access to Link
 Dwindling blood reserves: an ominous downside of COVID-19 pandemic Access to Link
 A Meta-Analysis of the relationship between renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system inhibitors and COVID-19 Access to Link
 COVID-19 and the ABO blood group connection Access to Link
A Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the COVID–19 pandemic model Access to Link
Statistical analysis of forecasting COVID-19 for upcoming month in pakistan Access to Link
Molecular epidemiology of SARS-CoV-2 in Faisalabad, Pakistan: a real-world clinical experience Access to Link
Neurological manifestations and complications of COVID-19: a literature review Access to Link
Do communicable diseases (including COVID-19) may increase global poverty risk? a cloud on the horizon Access to Link
COVID-19: media coverage and financial markets behavior—a sectoral inquiry Access to Link
onavirus (COVID-19) — an epidemic or pandemic for financial markets Access to Link
Knowledge, attitude, practice and perceived barriers among healthcare professionals regarding COVID-19: a cross-sectional survey from Pakistan Access to Link
COVID-19 challenges to Pakistan: is GIS analysis useful to draw solutions? Access to Link
Change in surgical practice amidst COVID 19; example from a tertiary care centre in Pakistan Access to Link
COVID-19 outbreak: current scenario of Pakistan Access to Link
Pakistanis’ mental health during the COVID-19 Access to Link
Preparedness and proactive infection control measures of Pakistan during COVID-19 pandemic outbreak Access to Link
Mental health and psychological distress in people with Diabetes during COVID-19 Access to Link
COVID-19 pandemic and economic cost; impact on forcibly displaced people Access to Link
Mental Health and Emotional Impact of COVID-19: Applying Health Belief Model for Medical Staff to General Public of Pakistan Access to Link
The outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)—An emerging global health threat Access to Link
COVID-19: Zoonotic aspects Access to Link
A Critical Look on CRISPR-based Genome Editing in Plants Access to Link
RNA Therapeutics: Identification of Novel Targets Leading to Drug Discovery Access to Link
Atenolol Thiourea Hybrid as Potent Urease Inhibitors: Design, Biology-Oriented Drug Synthesis, Inhibitory Activity Screening, and Molecular Docking Studies Access to Link
Antidiabetic and Antioxidant Potential of Alnus Nitida Leaves in Alloxan Induced Diabetic Rats Access to Link
From Normal to Competo-Allosteric Regulation: Insights Into the Binding Pattern Dynamics of DSPI Protein of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Access to Link
βC1, pathogenicity determinant encoded by Cotton leaf curl Multan betasatellite, interacts with calmodulin-like protein 11 (Gh-CML11) in Gossypium hirsutum. Access to Link
Screening of FDA approved drugs for finding potential inhibitors against Granzyme B as a potent drug-repurposing target. Access to Link
Response of growth, antioxidant enzymes and root exudates production towards As stress in Pteris vittata and in Astragalus sinicus colonized by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. Access to Link
Isolation and genetic characterization of virulent strains of avian paramyxovirus-1 from multiple avian species in Azad Jammu and Kashmir 2017-2018. Access to Link
Evaluating the ion exchange chromatography for matrix-assisted pegylation and purification of consensus interferon. Access to Link
Genetic Analysis of Tyrosinemia Type 1 and Fructose-1, 6 Bisphosphatase Deficiency Affected Pakistani Cohorts. Access to Link
Variants in GLI3 Cause Greig Cephalopolysyndactyly Syndrome. Access to Link
Marine Natural Products and Drug Resistance in Latent Tuberculosis. Access to Link
Prevalence of Hepatitis C Virus Genotypes in Pakistan: Current Scenario and Review of Literature. Access to Link
Synthesis and exploration of a novel chlorobenzylated 2-aminothiazole-phenyltriazole hybrid as migratory inhibitor of B16F10 in melanoma cells. Access to Link
Molecular analysis of V617F mutation in Janus kinase 2 gene of breast cancer patients. Access to Link
Association of vitamin D receptor gene polymorphisms and risk of urolithiasis: results of a genetic epidemiology study and comprehensive meta-analysis. Access to Link
Peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma 34C>G variant and anthropometric parameters in metabolic syndrome. Access to Link
In silico Epitope Prediction and Immunogenic Analysis for Penton base Epitope-focused Vaccine against Hydropericardium syndrome in chicken. Access to Link
Biogenic zinc oxide nanoparticles-enhanced biosynthesis of lignans and neolignans in cell suspension cultures of Linum usitatissimum L. Access to Link
Evaluation of the antibacterial potential of silver nanoparticles synthesized through the interaction of antibiotic and aqueous callus extract of Fagonia indica. Access to Link
Comprehensive investigation on the synergistic antibacterial activities of Jatropha curcas pressed cake and seed oil in combination with antibiotics. Access to Link
Biosynthesis of anti-leishmanial natural products in callus cultures of Artemisia scoparia Access to Link
Evaluation of the Effect of Atenolol Induced Depression in Cardiac Output on Its Own Excretion through Urine Analysis Access to Link
Effect of membrane wetting on the performance of PVDF and PTFE membranes in the concentration of pomegranate juice through osmotic distillation Access to Link
Silver nanoparticles elicited in vitro callus cultures for accumulation of biomass and secondary metabolites in Caralluma tuberculata Access to Link
Ethyl acetate and n-butanol fraction of Cissus quadrangularis promotes the mineralization potential of murine pre-osteoblast cell line MC3T3-E1 (sub-clone 4) Access to Link
Detection of rifampicin resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis using multiplex allele specific polymerase chain reaction (MAS-PCR) in Pakistan Access to Link
Ribes orientale: A novel therapeutic approach targeting rheumatoid arthritis with reference to pro-inflammatory cytokines, inflammatory enzymes and anti-inflammatory cytokines Access to Link
Production of nitrogen fixing Azotobacter (SR-4) and phosphorus solubilizing Aspergillus niger and their evaluation on Lagenaria siceraria and Abelmoschus esculentus Access to Link
PubMedInfo Crawler: An innovative extraction process that leads towards biological information mining Access to Link
Acute and sub-acute toxicity of the aqueous extract from the stem bark of Tetrapleura tetrapteura Taub. (Fabaceae) in mice and rats Access to Link
Chitosan based thermosensitive injectable hydrogels for controlled delivery of loxoprofen: development, characterization and in-vivo evaluation Access to Link
Titanium oxide-bacterial cellulose bioadsorbent for the removal of lead ions from aqueous solution Access to Link
aluation of cytotoxicity, hemocompatibility and spectral studies of chitosan assisted polyurethanes prepared with various diisocyanates Access to Link
Amelioration of adjuvant induced arthritis in Sprague Dawley rats through modulation of inflammatory mediators by Ribes alpestre Decne Access to Link
SPrenylC-PseAAC: A sequence-based model developed via Chou's 5-steps rule and general PseAAC for identifying S-prenylation sites in proteins Access to Link
Pakistan Genetic Mutation Database (PGMD); A centralized Pakistani mutome data source Access to Link
Mutations in TYR and OCA2 associated with oculocutaneous albinism in Pakistani families Access to Link
Molecular epidemiology of hepatitis delta and hepatitis B viruses circulating in two major provinces (East and North-West) of Pakistanc Access to Link
Optimization of mixed surfactants-based β-carotene nanoemulsions using response surface methodology: An ultrasonic homogenization approach Access to Link
Genome sequencing and analysis of Alcaligenes faecalis subsp. phenolicus MB207  Access to Link
Synthesis and characterization of cellulose and hydroxyapatite-carbon electrode composite for trace plumbum ions detection and its validation in blood serum Access to Link
Design, Synthesis and docking studies of flavokawain B type chalcones and their cytotoxic effects on MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 cell lines Access to Link
Multifunctional theranostic applications of biocompatible green-synthesized colloidal nanoparticles Access to Link
Simulation study of cDNA dataset to investigate possible association of differentially expressed genes of human THP1-Monocytic cells in cancer Progression affected by bacterial shiga toxins  Access to Link
Synthesis, and In Vitro and In Silico α-Glucosidase Inhibitory Studies of 5-Chloro-2-Aryl Benzo[d]thiazoles Access to Link
Relationship between microbial community, operational factors and ammonia inhibition resilience in anaerobic digesters at low and moderate ammonia background concentrations  Access to Link
Development of a portable and disposable NS1 based electrochemical immunosensor for early diagnosis of dengue virus  Access to Link
Design, synthesis, in-vitro thymidine phosphorylase inhibition, in-vivo antiangiogenic and in-silico studies of C-6 substituted dihydropyrimidines   Access to Link
Synthetic nicotinic/isonicotinic thiosemicarbazides: In vitro urease inhibitory activities and molecular docking studies  Access to Link
Synthesis of Bis-indolylmethane sulfonohydrazides derivatives as potent α-Glucosidase inhibitors  Access to Link
Data integration for functional annotation of regulatory single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with Alzheimer's disease susceptibility  Access to Link
Synthesis, in vitro urease inhibitory activity, and molecular docking studies of thiourea and urea derivatives Access to Link
Molecular epidemiology of hepatitis delta and hepatitis B viruses circulating in two major provinces (East and North-West) of Pakistan  Access to Link
Thermal degradation behavior and X-ray diffraction studies of chitosan based polyurethane bio-nanocomposites using different diisocyanates  Access to Link
High-resolution melting PCR analysis for rapid genotyping of Burkholderia mallei  Access to Link
Molecular epidemiology, evolution and phylogeny of foot-and-mouth disease virus  Access to Link
S-protected thiolated cyclodextrins as mucoadhesive oligomers for drug delivery   Access to Link
Protease-based cross-linked enzyme aggregates with improved catalytic stability, silver removal, and dehairing potentials  Access to Link
Stimuli-responsive peptide-based biomaterials as drug delivery systems  Access to Link
Transcriptomic analysis of differentially expressed genes and related pathways in Harmonia axyridis after sulfoxaflor exposure  Access to Link
 Bridging the gap by discerning SNPs in linkage disequilibrium and their role in breast cancer  Access to Link
Genome-wide identification of FK506-binding domain protein gene family, its characterization, and expression analysis in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) Access to Link
Flurbiprofen derivatives as novel α-amylase inhibitors: Biology-oriented drug synthesis (BIODS), in vitro, and in silico evaluation Access to Link
Design, synthesis and antitubercular evaluation of novel series of pyrazinecarboxamide metal complexes Access to Link
 Novel electrospun chitosan/polyvinyl alcohol/zinc oxide nanofibrous mats with antibacterial and antioxidant properties for diabetic wound healing Access to Link
 Design, synthesis and bioevaluation of tricyclic fused ring system as dual binding site acetylcholinesterase inhibitors Access to Link
Biology-oriented drug synthesis (BIODS), in vitro urease inhibitory activity, and in silico study of S-naproxen derivatives  Access to Link 
 Synthesis of novel N-(1,3-thiazol-2-yl)benzamide clubbed oxadiazole scaffolds: Urease inhibition, Lipinski rule and molecular docking analyses Access to Link 
 The V2 protein encoded by a monopartite begomovirus is a suppressor of both post-transcriptional and transcriptional gene silencing activity Access to Link
 Ethnopharmacological exploration of medicinal mushroom from Pakistan Access to Link 
 Berberis orthobotrys - A promising herbal anti-tumorigenic candidate for the treatment of pediatric alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma  Access to Link
 Recent trends in molecular epidemiology of Hepatitis C virus in Mardan, KPK Pakistan Access to Link 
 Transmission of cotton leaf curl disease: answer to a long-standing question Access to Link  
 Population structure, genetic diversity and selection signatures within seven indigenous Pakistani goat populations Access to Link 

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